a baby sleeping on a twig basket

Having a baby is probably one of the happiest moments in life. After nine months of pregnancy, you finally get to see the baby’s smile. While you may be overwhelmed by the joy that the baby brings even months before the due date, you still have one important homework, which is to prepare several things at home to welcome the baby.

This article aims to help you welcome your newborn baby at home by giving you ideas about what to prepare and how to condition your home to make it baby-friendly. If you are a happy parent waiting for your first child, the information below is for you.

a baby's hand grasping the parent's hand

Room with Easy Access

Instead of choosing a room on the second floor, you should provide your baby with a room with easy access. It is to prevent bad things from happening so that you can rush immediately to the front door. For newborns, it is advisable to keep the baby close to you twenty-four hours a day, even when you think it is better to place the baby in a separated room. Only when the baby is old enough, you can prepare another room for the baby. However, please note that the new room should be close enough from the parents’ room. Stationing a baby monitor will also be a brilliant idea.

Baby-Friendly Area

a baby smiling posing for the cameraCreating a baby-friendly space around the house is another tip to follow. You do not want to carry your baby around areas that are unsafe for the child since there is always the possibility of accidents and injuries. Especially when the baby starts crawling and being quite an active child, it is the golden moment to let them explore and find new things. You can install a baby fence around the living room or other areas and let your child plays with the toys.


There are several considerations before you buy toys for your child, especially when your child is not big enough to play alone. Kids under the age of eighteen months like noisemakers and push-and-pull toys. These items help them explore and spark the imagination. You should opt to buy rattles, squeeze toys that squeak when you squeeze, and battery-operated soft dolls.…